Is Your Internet Marketing Fluid or Not?

Internet marketing is a race you want to be in and winning!

Fluid by definition: smooth and unconstrained in movement

It’s been how many days since my first post?

I’m am a perfectionist. I can’t be fluid. What the hell was I thinking?

It’s simple I need to get moving with this blog. It will be smooth and unconstrained with time but for now its an exercise I hope you will benefit from.

Follow my lead.

Being fluid is a practiced habit. It is an exercise that has form and speed.

A runner who competes is focused with the intent of reaching the finish line.

Are you focused on getting your brand noticed!

It’s race for which you will need to train.

You will need to run.

You will need to carry the banner of your brand forward to an audience onlookers seeking the products and services you sell.

You need to be in this race and intent on winning it!

Well I’m not looking back but instead I’m moving  my brand forward.

This post is proof!

Whether you love it or not, I’m in the race how about you?

Internet marketing for your business is the race you need to be in!

You need to start!

If your going to market your brand “Just Got To Do It” !

Nike created a simple campaign that got them noticed.

Getting in the race is not that hard but getting head of your competition takes time.

Pick something, Social Media, Face book, or Foursquare and get started!

Follow these three be attitudes !

Be patient

Be engaging

Be interesting


Today Media Matters

Keep yourself out in front!

We live in a world that moves quickly.

The importance of being fluid and recognizable is essential.

Every business needs to be out in front of their competition.

In a weaker economy the marketplace becomes an arena where more business’s are competing for a smaller customer base.

Its race you don’t want to lose.

Are you entered?

Are getting noticed?

Are you attracting new clients?

The internet is the new marketplace. It’s a place where customers can learn about your brand and services 24/7.

They can do this at home, at work, and yes from their cell phones.

Do have have an online presence?

Do you have a website?

Don’t get left behind.

Stay out in front of your competition.

Get your game on!

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